Through the Storm Ministries

Welcome to Haven on the Hill Children's Home in Kenya!

Meet the children who call Haven their home.

As a Christian organization we are dedicated to helping individuals through unanticipated trials in their lives. Sharing the love of God to those in desperate situations and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the core of our mission.

In the year 2000 God gave us a vision that would extend our current mission to the other side of the world! We were to build a children's home in Kenya Africa. This was made clear the first time Janice visited Kenya. She thought her only purpose in going to Kenya was to accompany a friend so she would not have to travel alone. She really did not want to go, and little did she know that God had another purpose for her visit! As the images of the homeless and hungry children that seemed to be of no concern to the people passing by burned into her mind and heart, she began to seek the Lord's direction on what He would have her do. After many prayers, much support from people inspired by God, a leap of faith, finding and buying land, working through government beauracracy, and constructing the first building, we brought our first 5 boys home to the Haven in June, 2008 (See the journey).

Feel free to learn about our journey and to introduce yourself to us. May our Lord bless you.

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What's been happening!

In order to accommodate our older, high school level boys, it was necessary to construct another two story building. Groundbreaking and construction began in April, 2021 and continues to this day with the ground floor having been completed in June, 2022. The top floor walls have been added and we are awaiting funding to arrive for the roof.

Currently, our eleven oldest young men are occupying the ground floor and six more will be joining them in early 2023.

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